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The capital of Pernambuco, Recife - pronounced as “heh-see-fee” by locals. Tourists have the option of diverse activities in Recife, from a crazy carnival parade to stroll on pristine beaches, scuba diving and thumping nightlife. Recife is also called ‘the shipwreck capital of Brazil’. It has over 100 ships that sank around the city’s coastline, and approximately 15 of them are accessible to tourists. Some of the ships have been intentionally sunk into promoting tourism. Those shipwrecks with the natural coral reefs at the coast of Recife make it a perfect location for scuba diving.

Top Activities to do in Recife

1. Diving in Recife:

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The following are some of the wrecks that can be reached by boat from Recife.

  • VAPOR DOS 48 (STEAM OF 48)
    An unknown shipwreck even today. Due to the ship’s depth and steam engines, it is known as the Steam of 48. It offers an excellent experience for scuba divers. A Group of fish and some marine creatures like grouper, rays, lambarús and large turtles can be seen.

  • Servermar X
    It is a purposely sunk tugboat site for promoting scuba diving tourism. It is 27 meters deep.

  • Alfama de Lisboa
    You will find a Portuguese ship in a destroyed condition. It is 10 meters deep.

  • Lupus
    They intentionally sunk (36 meters deep) tugboat here for scuba diving tourism.

  • Vapor Florida
    Vapor Florida, 33 meters deep, was an English steamer that drowned in 1910 during a storm. It is situated 12 miles from Recife Port.

  • B 18
    B 18 was an aircraft. It fell into the sea immediately after the takeoff, and some considerable remains of this aircraft can be seen during diving.

  • Vapor Bahia
    Vapor Bahia is one of the best scuba-diving spots in Brazil. It sank 26 meters deep and is famous for the ‘sleeping nurse’ sharks inside the wreck.

  • Guararapes
    This site is of a loaded cargo ship that crashed with a coral bank near Olinda. It is 8 meters deep.

  • Pirapama
    Pirapama is located six miles from Recife Port. It sank in 1889 and was recommended as one of the best night dives. It is 23 meters deep.

  • Chata de Noronha
    Chata de Noronha, 31 meters deep, attracts scuba divers.

2. Primavera Town Jeep Safari

If you want to visit the core of Recife, then hiring a jeep is the best option. You can stop over at the southern sugarcane agricultural region of Pernambuco. Furthermore, stop at the traditional Manioc Mill and have a sip of the sugarcane juice and finally reach your destination of the world’s most beautiful Primavera Waterfalls. Lunch is included on these jeep safaris, and the tour operators pick up and drop you off at your hotel.

3. Museum Tour in Recife

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4. Day at Carneiros Beach

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5. Tour To Porto De Galinhas

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6. Tour to Olinda And Recife Antigo

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7. Beach day Maragogi From Recife

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8. Hang Out on Beaches in and around Recife

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