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Recife is the fourth largest metropolitan area in Brazil and is host to one of the main ports in the Atlantic Ocean. The city has recently attracted many tourists who come to explore Recife's rich cultural roots and beautiful beaches.

Recife is the capital city of the State of Pernambuco and it is located at the meeting point of Beberibe and Capibaribe River. The city occupies an important place in the cultural, economic, political, and scientific facade of Brazil.

The name ‘Recife’ has been derived from its surrounding coastal reef shoreline. When translated Recife is Portuguese for ‘reef’. The Portuguese rulers who first landed on Recife and ruled it for many years influenced its deep historical and cultural background.

Canals, rivers, bridges, one-way streets, and its resemblance to European cities have led Recife to be known as the ‘Venice of Brazil’. Its many islands and mangroves give it its unique identity. Recife is considered as the cultural capital of Brazil as many famous poets, writers (Manuel Bandeira, João Cabral de Melo Neto), composers (Chico Science, Lenine), and players were born in this city. High buildings of the present era and colonial structure give the city a mixed look.

Recife is the most important industrial, commercial, and trading centre in the northeastern region, thanks to the motivation given by the Brazilian government.

The waterfront area in Recife is known to be a residence to some of the first-rate restaurants and nightclubs in Brazil. The dance and music of ‘frevo’, typically played in the famous Brazilian carnival and Brazilian rock Mangue beat, have originated in Recife.

Whilst visiting Recife, you will not regret broadening your knowledge about its intriguing history, culture, traditions, festivals, and crafts. In fact, during the Brazilian carnival, the city hosts one of the most genuine and authentic celebrations.

Interestingly, Recife is a medically advanced city, just behind Sao Paolo. State-of-the-art technology combined with good service has resulted in people from other states coming to Recife to receive their medical treatment.

Advanced infrastructure, high-class restaurants, exceptional beaches, excellent nightlife as well as its extensive cultural background have attracted all kinds of tourists to the city of Recife.

CountryBrazil / Brasil
CapitalSao Paulo
AreaMunicipality : 218 km² (84.17 sq.mi)
 Metro: 2,768 km² (1,068.7 sq.mi)
Population (2020)Municipality : 1,653,461
 Density: 7,133.2/km² (18,537.9/sq.mi)
 Metro: 3,743,854
 Metro Density: 1,352.5/km² (3,527/sq.mi)
Time ZoneUTC-3 (UTC-3)
Official languagePortuguese