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Recife is the beautiful capital city of Pernambuco State. Thousands of tourists every year travel to this amazing city for its remarkable ancient buildings, rivers, and bridges, and of course for its marvelous long beaches of Brazil. It is also called a 'Brazilian Venice' for its long rivers and bridges built on it.

Recife is a perfect destination to spend a long beach vacation, which is spread on both sides of the city i.e. on the north and south side. Experience the warm and wide sand strips on the famous beaches of this picturesque city.


Tipping is not expected as it is not the Brazilian style. However, if someone is seriously giving good services and food then it is expected in the form of appreciation especially from the foreigners. Normally, service charges are included at the bottom of the bill but it is not mandatory to pay it but just expected in the form of tipping.

For taxi drivers, tipping is not compulsory but it is usual to just round up the fare as a form of tip for their service. Special or radio taxis do not use typical taximeters and always charge more than the original amount so tipping is not expected here.


The crime rate in Recife is quite high so it is better to follow a few security tips whilst travelling. Major crime incidents like assault, robbery, theft, and burglary is a big threat for tourist in this city. It is advisable to be alert from pickpockets and bag snatchers, so it is better to keep an eye on the surroundings and be sure to take the following precautions.

Security Tips

  1. It is not safe to travel in public transportation, for example in a bus especially at night. Here, taxis with a permit license will be a safer and more efficient option to explore the city at any time.
  2. Stay away from streets where crime targets can be easily trapped and avoid eye contact with the street gangs. If you come across a suspicious environment then it is better to cross the street as soon as possible and enter any public areas like bank, malls, or stores for safety.
  3. It is advisable to be more careful in famous tourist areas or while shopping in open markets.
  4. It is always good to travel in a group instead of roaming alone on the streets.
  5. In hotel rooms, it is always wise to use the peep-hole for confirmation of the visitor at the door.
  6. Avoid exposure of valuable items, branded things and expensive jewellery, while visiting famous places, that may seek attention of thieves.
  7. After dark, it is not safe to visit famous beaches or parks in Recife.
  8. In a city like Recife, it is better to either carry a cell phone or rent one so that it will always be easy to dial telephone numbers for emergency services.


The country of Brazil comes under a centralized law of smoke-free and now even Recife city is completely smoke-free. According to law, smoking is forbidden in all public places including clubs, bars, and restaurants. However, specific smoking zones or ventilated smoking rooms are permitted.

Different activities are carried out in Brazil to reduce smoking in Bars and clubs, and to abolish smoking zones or rooms completely. Even many hotels or resorts provide mainly non-smoking rooms so it is a little tough for smokers to find a smoking area in Recife.

City Transport

Recife city offers different means of transportation namely; bus, train, shuttle, and taxi. Bus transportation is spread all over the city and the long-distance bus terminal is known as the ‘Terminal Integrado de Passageiros’ (TIP). It is one of the main and largest national nodes of transportation available in the city that runs interstate buses to many different destinations.

There is also a line of urban transportation available in the city in the form of AC minibuses that runs along Conselheiro Aguiar Avenue. Shuttles and the metro train covers the central and south areas of the city. Metro line is connected with bus lines and a single ticket can be used to ride on both. Car rental services are available throughout the city.

When to Travel

Recife falls under a tropical climate zone, which experiences warm and hot temperatures all year round. Even during the winter season, there is bright and clear sunlight that never allows temperatures to drop below 22°C (71.6°F). Though, to avoid heat strokes and intense sunlight, winter will be the best time to visit. Along with the sunlight, rainfall is expected that may last for a few days, as well as experiencing a cool breeze from the Atlantic Ocean. This city is situated near to the equator and therefore it experiences very high temperatures and humidity during the summer season.

Best time to visit: June to February.

Emergency Numbers

Country Code55
City Code81
Civil Police197
Tourist Police+55 81 3322-4867/4932 (24 hrs)

Important Phrases

Good morningBom dia
Good eveningBoa noite
Good night.Boa noite.
Excuse meCom licença
Please.Por favor
Thank you.Obrigado.
You’re WelcomeVocê são Bem-vindo
What is your name?Qual é o seu nome?
My name is...Meu nome é ...
Can you help me?Você pode me ajudar?
Can you speak more slowly?Pode falar mais devagar?
Do you speak English?Você fala Inglês?
Does anyone here speak English?Alguém aqui fala Inglês?
How are you?Como vai você?
How much?Quanto?
I'm fine.Eu estou bem.
I don't understand.Eu não entendo.
I am very glad to meet you.Estou muito feliz em conhecê-lo.