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Recife is geographically located on the Atlantic coast where the rivers Capibaribe, Beberibe and Jordão unite and flow into the ocean. Most of the city is about two metres above sea level, excluding some parts. Its islands, mangroves, beaches and the coral reefs are its main attractions, as well as a vital part of its geography.

Geographical Coordinates: 8°3′S 34°54′W

  • Climate

Recife has a characteristic South American tropical climate, with warm to hot temperatures, high humidity and rainfall throughout the year. But the hot temperatures become bearable due the gust of cold winds from the ocean. Average temperatures are high throughout the year with little change. During the summer, the average temperature is about 29°C and in the winter it drops to around 26°C. January is the hottest month where the heat can reach to a temperature of 32°C and in July it can get considerably cooler with a temperature of around 23°C.

  • Rainforests

Brazil is known for its tropical rainforests. These forests are distinguished by high rainfall, variety in vegetation and animal species. The rainforests in Recife receive an average of 1700-2000 mm of rainfall every year. Soil is poor in these forests as the nutrients get washed away to heavy rainfall. The trees in such rainforests are uncommon of other forests in terms of features. The whole of Recife is formed due to the combination of three islands, namely, Santo Antônio, Boa Vista and proper Recife. The rivers Capibaribe and Beberibe flow between these islands. Recife city is characterized by its surrounding coral reefs and white sandy beaches.

  • Climate Chart for Recife

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