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The city centre of Recife has undergone a complete change in recent times, and there are many Nightclubs and Bars that are opening and attracting tourists in huge numbers. In fact, Recife is rapidly becoming one of Brazil’s most important cultural and entertainment hubs.


  • Downtown Pub

This traditional pub is very famous nightspot among youngsters. Along with pure Brazilian music, international music such as rock, jazz and blues is also played here. This place is always crowded with a pretty long queue outside. So be early, as the pub can accommodate only 750 people.

Address:R. Vigario Tenorio, 105, Bairro do Recife, Recife, Brazil

Tel: +55 81 3424-6317

For more information, Visit Downtown Pub

  • Budega Club

This is a club with a large restaurant, which has an in-house music band that plays live music every night. The nightclub mostly plays Brazilian music, jazz, blues, rock and 70’s tracks.

Address:Av. Conselheiro Rosa e Silva, 1834, Recife, Brazil

Tel: +55 81 3267-7777

  • Sala de Reboco

One of the best places in Brazil to hangout at night, this pub specializes in ‘forro’ music and is open from Thursday to Saturday from 10 pm onwards. Along with soft-drinks like Coke and lemonade, varieties in cocktails, beers and whiskey’s are also available.

Address:Rua Gregorio Junior, 264, Cordeiro, Recife, Brazil

Tel: +55 81 3228-7052

For more information, Visit Sala de Reboco

  • Cuba do Capibaribe

A very famous dance club in Recife, the interiors are done in Cuban style. Dance, food, music, rum and alcohol in plenty are the club's highlight's. Inspired by the locales of Caribbean Island, the club mostly plays Latin and salsa music. It is open from Thursdays to Saturdays.

Address: Paço da Alfândega - Recife Antigo, Brazil

Tel: +55 81 3419-7502

  • NOX Dance Club

This is one of the most modern dancing nightclubs in the Boa Viagem area. Its interiors are very contemporary and it plays rock, electronic and Brazilian music. The place is known for its spacious dance floor and a dramatic lighting system.

Address: Av. Domingos Ferreira, 2442, Boa Viagem, Recife, Brazil

Tel: +55 81 3326-8836 / +55 81 3325-4200

  • Dokas

Those who love rock, reggae and blues will definitely have a memorable night at Dokas. The doors open to the crowd at 10 pm, only on Fridays and Saturdays.

Address: Rua do Brum 27A, Recife, Brazil

Tel: +55 81 3224- 5099

  • Patio de Sao Pedro

This place is not a regular indoor kind of pub, but a square in Recife, where outdoor music events are held. Most of these events are free which start generally between 7 to 8 pm.

  • Boratcho

This is the most favored nightclub in Recife if you love dancing. DJ’s here play samba and Recife’s regional music i.e. the 'maracatu'.

Address: Av. Herculano Bandeira 513 (inside Galeria Joana d'Arc), Recife, Brazil

Tel: +55 81 3327-1168

  • Conselheiro

This is a dancing club as well as a bar. Early evening it begins with a chilled bar atmosphere and then transforms into a dancing club as the night proceeds. There are two other lounges, for people who do not like loud music, where more serene music is played. It plays live Forro music as well as the DJ’s personal choice of tracks.

Address: Av. Conselheiro Aguiar 793, Boa Viagem, Recife, Brazil

Tel: +55 81 3467-7777


  • Depois Dancing Bar

A renovated old building in Recife Antigo houses this centrally air conditioned pub. This dance bar is huge covering an area of 1260 square meters. It can accomodate 500 people, with a seating arrangement of 50 tables.

Address: Av. Rio Branco, 66, Recife Antigo, Recife, Brazil

Tel: +55 81 3424-7451

  • Arsenal do Chopp

An open bar with most of the tables arranged on the sidewalk. If you want some peace then catch a table inside the bar. The bar opens in the afternoon around 4.30 pm.

Address: Praca Artur Oscar 59, Recife, Brazil

Tel: +55 81 3224-6259

  • Biruta Bar

This is an attractive place to spend your night as it is nearby the Pola Pina beach. This cottage styled bar has a large veranda which overlooks the beautiful Atlantic Ocean. It has been named one of the best bar’s in Recife. The music played here is mostly Blues on Thursday and Forro on Friday.

Address: Rua Bem-te-Vi, Pina, Recife, Brazil

Tel: +55 81 3326-5151