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Recife is one of the most cultural cities of Brazil. There are many cinema halls which show both international and regional films, and theatres which show a variety of plays, dramas and musicals depicting the culture of Recife and Brazil. The concept of theatres originated when Portuguese rulers introduced them in Brazil to convert Indians to Christians and make them aware of their traditions and culture.

List of Cinemas (movie theatres) in Recife:

UCI Kinoplex Recife Shopping and UCI Kinoplex De Lux Shopping Recife ( Visit )
Address: R. Padre Carapuceiro, 777 - Boa Viagem, Recife, Brazil

UCI Kinoplex Shopping Tacaruna
Address: Condomínio Shopping Center Tacaruna, Av. Gov. Agamenon Magalhães, 153 - Santo Amaro, Recife, Brazil

UCI Kinoplex Plaza Casa Forte Shopping
Address: Rua Doutor João Santos Filho, 255 - 316 Shopping Plaza - Casa Forte, Recife, Brazil

List of Cinemas (movie theatres) in Recife:

Moviemax Rosa e Silva
Address: Av. Conselheiro Rosa e Silva, 1460 - Aflitos, Recife, Brazil

Cinema da Fundacao ( Visit )
Address: Avenida 17 de Agosto, 2187 - Casa Forte, Recife, Brazil

Cinema Sao Luiz
Address: R. da Aurora, 175 - Boa Vista, Recife, Brazil

Cinemark VIP
Address: Av. República do Líbano, 251 - Loja 4001 - Pina, Recife, Brazil

Cinépolis Shopping Guararapes
Address: Shopping Guararapes, Av. Barreto de Menezes, 800 - 205C - Piedade, Jaboatão dos Guararapes, Brazil

Kinoplex Boa Vista
Address: R. do Giriquiti, 48 - Boa Vista, Recife, Brazil

List of theatres in Recife:

Teatro Santa Isabel
Address: Praça da República, 233 - Santo Antônio, Recife, Brazil

Valdemar de Oliveira Theater
Address: R. Osvaldo Cruz, 412A - Boa Vista, Recife, Brazil

List of theatres in Recife:

Teatro Barreto Junior
Address: R. Est. Jeremias Bastos - Pina, Recife, Brazil

Teatro Apolo
Address: R. do Apolo, 121 - Recife, Brazil

Teatro SESC
Address: R. Treze de Maio, 455 - Santo Amaro, Recife, Brazil

Teatro Hermilo Borba Filho
Address: Cais do Apolo, 142 - Recife, Brazil

Teatro do Forte
Address: Praca das Cinco Pontas s/n., Pernambuco, Recife, Brazil

Teatro Joaquim Cardozo
Address: R. Benfica, 157 - Madalena, Recife, Brazil

Teatro Ribalta
Address: R. das Pernambucanas, 65 - Graças, Recife, Brazil

Teatro Clênio Wanderley
Address: R. Floriano Peixoto, 205-219 - Santo Antônio, Recife, PE, Brazil

Teatro Arraial
Address: R. da Aurora, 457 - Boa Vista, Recife - PE, Brazil

Teatro Espaco Cultural
Address: Rua Henrique Dias 138, Recife, State of Pernambuco, Brazil

Teatro Rio Mar
Address: Av. República do Líbano, 251 - Pina, Recife - PE, Brazil

Teatro Lobatinho
Address: R. Canapi, 134 - Vasco da Gama, Recife - PE, Brazil

Teatro IMIP
Address: R. dos Coelhos, 300 - Coelhos, Recife, Brazil

Teatro Boa Vista
Address: R. Dom Bôsco - Boa Vista, Recife - PE, Brazil

Teatro Luiz de Mendonca
Address: Av. Boa Viagem, S/N - Boa Viagem, Recife, Brazil