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Recife city and the surrounding region is home to some of the most authentic and democratic festivals of Brazil.

Festa Junina (June Festivals)

In Pernambuco, the month of June comes with cheerful nights decorated with bonfires, fireworks, and colourful balloons. This month is celebrated with popular religious festivals in honour of famous saints. During these days, festivities included are fancy dress, dancing, heavy drinking, and visual displays such as fireworks and folk dances. The festivals are celebrated as an homage to Saints Anthony (13th June) in Recife, Saint John's and 'Bacamarteiro' (23rd June) in Caruaru and Acorda-Povo' ('Wake the People') Procession Bandeira de Sao Joao (23rd) in Recife. Fisherman's festival also takes place on the 28th of June by the parade in the honour of Saint Peter in various seaside towns.


During Itamaraca 'Buscada' and the festival of Nossa Senhora do Pilar, all local water carriers i.e. rafts, launches and canoes are ornamented with colourful flags and various types of flowers. The festival of the island’s patron saint, Nossa Senhora do Pilar, is the climax of this event. The saint’s image is carried by the maritime procession and the march crosses the stands in the sea. At this festival, folk dancing, bands and the special ‘bumba-meu-boi’ enjoyments go on for the whole night. The event is held in January.


Carnival in Recife (Pernambuco) is something which should not be missed. The carnival time i.e. four day festive period starting from Lent up to Ash Wednesday is celebrated throughout Brazil. Though the large celebrations are in Pernambuco with Frevo and Maracatu music, rhythms, dances and street parties, which are just unforgettable. This carnival is enjoyed more authentically and the democratic way in Recife, than any other city in Brazil. Galo da Madrugada and Noite dos Tambores Silenciosos are the highlights, and it attracts thousands of people. Entertainment during the carnival includes music, rhythms, dances, street parties and parades with traditional themes and dresses.

Ciranda Festival

This festival is celebrated with Ciranda, which is a ring dance of male and female participants. This dance is enjoyed with alternate joining of hands of males and females. They follow different dance steps alongside the sound of a music collection and live drumbeats. It is hosted at Jaguaribe Beach on weekends throughout the month of July. The various groups show their skill in a thirty-minute presentation and the grand finale for the qualified groups are arranged on the last day of this festival.

Festival of Sao Joao de Caruaru

This festival takes place in the town of Princesa do Agreste located about 130km from Recife in the month of May. In this festival, large number of cowboys participate in ‘downing the steers’ along with the viola players and verse improvisers playing music alongside. Local cuisine and drinks are also served during the celebrations. The event starts on 29th May which attracts over a half million people. This festival offers a wide range of entertainment such as fireworks, parades, exhibitions, music bands, shows and dancing for local as well as visitors.

Festa da Pitomba

In the courtyard of the National Historical Park dos Guararapes, every year, after the Holy Week, the traditional festival of Nossa Senhora dos Prazeres is held. Nationally this festival is known as Festa da Pitomba due to the fruit of ‘Pitomba’ produced in the region. The celebration begins on March 16 and ends on March 24. During these nine days, tropical fruits are sold in the region. Festivities include badalação of concerts of various singers and bands where entry is free for visitors.